This week's UK news: 1 June 2012
1 June 2012

Jaws caught off the UK

Two men this week caught the biggest shark ever in British waters. Wayne Comben and Graeme Pullen had been out fishing off Cornwall in a small boat for the day, and decided to tip their remaining buckets of fish bait over the side and go home. The buckets of fish attracted the shark.
Once the shark was hooked by their fishing line, it dragged the men and their 17ft boat for about one mile. It took them 90 minutes to catch the 10ft long shark. They did not use fishing line, but a thicker thread usually used to cut grass.
The two men photographed and tagged the shark after catching it but then let it go. They said their boat would have turned over if they had tried to bring the shark, which weighed around 550lb, on board.
The shark was a Porbeagle, which are not a threat to humans. Experts say it was "immense" and bigger than any previously caught.

The best place to eat on UK motorways

Motorway service stations in the UK have a very bad reputation for their food, although they have improved a lot.
This week one service station has been given top marks, a full five stars in a survey.
Tebay services and farm shop is near the Lake District in the North of England, on the M6 motorway. It is on a farm, and run by the farm's family.
The restaurant sells home-made food and also locally-raised meat. The shop sells jams, fresh fruit and vegetables and other produce.
The judges from Visit England and the Highways Agency visited all 107 motorway service stations with a ticklist of 260 questions about cleanliness, car parking, facilities, catering and food. They also found out how much staff knew about the food they were selling.
Tebay's boss, Sarah Dunning, says: "It is really cool being the only service station... to get five stars."

Twelve towns get a new start

Traditional shopping streets in the UK have suffered from internet shopping, financial problems, and out-of-town shopping centres.
The Government has asked one famous shopping expert to help solve the problems, and she has this week chosen 12 towns to get GBP 100,000 to spend on new projects.
There are some interesting ideas. In the city of Wolverhampton near Birmingham, they are reviving "town criers". Before newspapers, these were people who walked round towns on market days, ringing a bell and shouting out the news.
In Liskeard in Cornwall there are plans to put the fun back into the town centre. This includes covering benches and other items with knitting, and putting flower displays outside public toilets. They also persuaded people to dress in red, spend GBP 10 in the town, and then tell other people what they had bought.
And in Bedminster near Bristol a bicycle shoppping delivery service is planned.
Another 15 projects will be announced in June.


Queen's Jubilee weekend begins

The news is full of stories about the Queen as her 60th anniversary begins.
There is a massive event on Sunday as a thousand boats sail up the River Thames in London. There will be lots of smaller boats, as well as the Royal Family in a gold boat, a bell ringing in a bell tower on another boat, and at least one orchestra playing in another boat.
Other events during the weekend include the Derby horse race at Epsom, which will be attended by the Queen, a concert at Buckingham Palace and the lighting of Jubilee beacons around the country on Monday, and a thanksgiving service and procession on the Tuesday, and many street parties and lunches on the Sunday.
If you are in the UK you need to know that there are two bank holidays after the weekend, on Monday and Tuesday.

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