Code of conduct

English UK partner agencies agree to:

1) Maintain the highest professional and ethical standards in all business activities.

2) Conduct their business in a manner that will reflect positively on the image, reputation, standing and good name of themselves, their profession, English UK, its member centres and the Partner Agency Scheme. 

3) Act with honesty, transparency and openness when communicating information about themselves, their partner institutions, English UK, its member centres and potential students in published, oral or any other form. They shall not wilfully or unwittingly provide or distribute false, incomplete or misleading information.

This standard of conduct refers both to information released by an agency on behalf of its partner institutions and/or English UK and its member centres and information provided about potential students in applications to partner institutions and visa authorities.

4) Promote themselves and partner institutions fairly by focussing on their strengths and unique selling points rather than by making unfavourable or negative comments about, or employing unfair practices to damage the interests of, other (English UK partner) agencies, English UK member centres and/or other competitor institutions.

5) Act in the best interests of students or prospective students (including other involved persons or bodies, such as parents or sponsors), English UK and its member centres. Advice, counsel and information provided to student clients should be truthful, accurate and appropriate, and every effort should be taken to ensure that course arrangements sold to the client are compatible to their needs and circumstances.

6) Conduct themselves and their business activities with due regard to the national laws, regulations and official policies of the market in which they operate.  

7) Take reasonable steps to remain informed about developments in the work of English UK, its member centres and the promotion of the UK as a high quality English language teaching destination.

8) Ensure all employees are well-trained, aware of the Code of Conduct, and encouraged to take the time to read English UK's essential information for agents, which is available on the English UK website. As a minimum, employees should be familiar with the courses and facilities offered by partner institutions and aware of English UK, the Accreditation UK scheme and the UK's visa system for students. Agencies should also abide by the scheme terms and conditions, as set out in section 6 of the English UK partner agency online application form.

9) Follow the English UK guidelines when advertising partner agency status and when using the English UK partner agency logo. Use of the partner agency logo is restricted to partner agencies. On the termination of partnership status for any reason, the agency must immediately cease to use the English UK Partner Agency logo.

10) Comply with the Accreditation UK requirement that agents send English UK member schools a signed declaration that leaders of groups of learners engaged by the agent have had appropriate suitability checks


Click here to download a printable version of the Code of Conduct.