Partner Agency Scheme: now easier to join for the world's best agents
16 January 2014

What's got members in 42 countries, helps the best agents to work with the best educators, and is getting bigger and better all the time?

The answer is English UK's partner agency scheme, which has just enrolled its 200th agency at the same time as unveiling its new online enrolment system which will make it much easier for eligible agents to join, or renew existing memberships.

 "We wanted to make this investment in the scheme to make it as easy as possible for people to join up and get in touch with us," said English UK's Laura Underwood, manager of the partner agency scheme.

 "It's gone from strength to strength since our official launch at StudyWorld London 2010. To start with, agents who wanted to join had to attend an in-country seminar, but our staff couldn't keep up with demand, so we created an online briefing so that location was not a barrier for anyone.

 "Belonging to the scheme is a real mark of quality for agents, because they have to prove that they work successfully with five English UK member schools. Many agencies tell us that their clients notice their partner agency logo, and that it is very useful for them to be listed on our website database. And not only are we getting new members all the time, but our existing agencies are renewing their membership when it runs out."

Countries with the highest number of partner agencies include Russia, Turkey and the UK, with large numbers also in Colombia, Italy, South Korea, Spain, Switzerland, and Ukraine.

Natalia Barata of See Learning Center in Portugal is one of the scheme's longest-serving members. She says: "I joined the partner agency scheme from the start. I think people recognise it, people see the logo and know it means quality. Because English UK is the largest language school association this means it has a good reputation, and delivers. English UK is very important for me."

To join the scheme, agencies must:

  • Complete a detailed business profile form 
  • Provide good references from five English UK member centres
  • Have previously attended, or commit to attend, an English UK organised event (such as SudyWorld, an English UK Fair, or an inward mission)
  • Work through the English UK partner agency online briefing course

For more information on the Partner Agency Scheme, visit the English UK website  or contact Laura Underwood.

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