What would you do if George Clooney or Charlize Theron walked into your school?
20 January 2014

Does your language centre give good customer service? The best possible? Then what would you do if a celebrity walked in?

That's the question Geoff Ramm will be asking delegates during the closing session of the English UK Marketing Conference in London on February 7 (whilst making everyone laugh a lot as well).

"Billy Connolly summed it up in a joke a few years ago: he said the Queen must think the whole country smells of paint -- because ten feet in front of her somebody's touching up the paintwork to make it look nice. And that's absolutely true," says Geoff, who was a huge hit at the StudyWorld 2013 seminars with a session on OMG marketing.

So what can you expect from the session? Geoff is currently writing a book about Celebrity Service, an idea which came out of a conference he spoke at in Cumbria a couple of years ago.

One of the delegates there sold high-end wooden models, and, it emerged, served every customer coffee or tea and had comfortable sofas for them to sit in her shop. "We were having a conversation about this during the presentation, and I said what would happen if a celebrity came into your shop? She said, like who? I said, some top Hollywood person. What about George Clooney or Charlize Theron? She had loads of ideas within 30 seconds to try and improve her current high standards, things like polishing the floors.

"It's a whole methodology. Everybody thinks they deliver a high standard of service to every customer, that they think if you send an email or walk into their school that they'd get a high level of service. This is a great way of improving your service, regardless of what level of service you are providing. The gap between your current level of service and the celebrity level: that's where your competition can take you on.

"There are all sorts of ideas and techniques you can use, and lots of little touches.

"The whole premise for me is that you will go away and think about every single touch, from the customer looking at your website to you receiving their cheque and looking at every single point of correspondence between you and think about how it can be better at every point. It's those extra points that make the difference, that make you stand out.

"It will be challenging." 

Geoff will be at the Marketing Conference for the whole day, as he's keen to catch other speakers, including Andy Lopata, networking expert and Mark Shaw, who'll share the secrets of using Twitter to boost your business.

For more information, and to sign up for the conference, click here.

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