English UK member school goes green
14 November 2014

The UK has an increasing number of green accredited hotels but only one language school is accredited by Green Tourism - English UK member language school, Studio Cambridge.

A good knowledge of English is a great thing and the best place to learn English is in its home, the UK. However, the travel required to come to the UK has environmental consquences.

Studio Cambridge is working with the largest green accreditation scheme in the world - Green Tourism Business Scheme (GTBS) - to transform their green credentials. Green Tourism, a not-for-profit organisation established in 1997, recognises businesses that are taking action on sustainability and environmental protection.

Some 5,000 students go to Studio Cambridge each year, flying more than 15 million miles and leaving a huge carbon footprint.

In addition, the centre runs thousands of excursions and airport transfers; students and staff make a quarter of a million journeys to and from school; there's heating, cooling, cleaning and maintaining classrooms and offices; thousands of text books, tonnes of paper, gallons of ink; switching light bulbs, air conditioning and computers on and off tens of thousands of times; and serving 20,000 meals in the café each year.

Tallying this up, Studio Cambridge realised that the impact of the school on the environment is considerable.

"It is our responsibility to make our business as environmentally neutral and sustainable as possible. To help us do so, we have joined Green Tourism." Studio Cambridge said.

Find out more about Studio Cambridge's aims to reduce their impact on the environment on the Studio Cambridge website.

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