Student profile: Jose Leonardo Sanchez from Colombia
11 November 2014

What made you decide to come and study in the UK? America is much closer.

I went to America two years ago and studied English for a month. I didn't like it too much because their treatment of Latin people is not too good. I like it more here. People are very tolerant and more open. Also, I wanted to travel in Europe.

What made you choose ELC in Brighton?

I first thought about London  but I talked with some of my friends and they told me that I would find a lot of different nationalities there and not a lot of native people. They suggested I choose Brighton because it was very close to London and easy to get there by train. Here you can find more native speakers with good accents.

Are you pleased with ELC?

There are good teachers and good quality of education. I have really enjoyed it here. The teachers are very friendly, I love Brighton and I love the seafront and the seagulls. I love ELC.

What have you liked best about being in the UK?

I think the most important thing is that people are very tolerance about other nationalities. Otherwise I think religion and spirituality is very different. You are very tolerant of what people think  and very respectful and I really like that.

Colombia is still a developing country and I didn't fully realise that until I got here and found everything is organised and planned, not just that something happens that you didn't expect. I really like that everything is organised.

Is there anything you didn't like?

The weather. It was very changeable. [Jose Leonardo's stay in the UK was in the rainiest winter for 100 years]. And I didn't like the food too much. Maybe there would be more different types of restaurant in London.

Did anything surprise you?

I was surprised to find a lot of kind and warm people when I had heard that British people were quite cold and reserved. In my first house they were very kind and I was surprised about it.

What difference will it make to you now that your English is so good?

I am thinking about doing a Masters and I wanted to apply for jobs which would use my English.


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