Hello neighbour! English UK London's member and agent summer party
11 June 2015

Last month, English UK regional group English UK London held a networking evening at the historical Bloomsbury House in Holborn. The theme of the evening was "Hello Neighbour!", with the purpose of bringing together quality language schools with London's vast array of local international education agencies.

English UK London Chair Hannah Alexander-Wright of English UK member University of the Arts London, said "There were two main reasons for arranging the event: to connect with our local agencies – schools spend vast budgets on travel overseas to visit agencies and manage to meet once, perhaps twice a year.

We felt that educators and agents alike don't take sufficient advantage of the fact that many, many agencies have representation, or head offices, in London. We wanted to get the ball rolling in a positive and relaxed atmosphere, where international educators could chat and connect."

"Along with that," Mrs Alexander-Wright continued, "in what has been a challenging year for the London market, we thought everyone would benefit from an event to celebrate the start of summer, and remind people that London really is the best destination in the world to study English. We are delighted with the turnout, and plan on doing similar events in the near future."

Attendees were treated to music, food and drink, and a "goody bag" with information about English UK London and our sponsors, as well as some bubbles to bring home.

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English UK members: share your centre or subgroup's news and events by emailing Marketing Communications Officer Helen.

English UK London would like to thank its sponsors, English UK corporate members Hosts International and Guard.me International Insurance Services Ltd , for supporting the event, and committee members for organising what will hopefully be the start of even closer ties between international educators in London.


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