English + coding = a fantastic new game (and happy students)
6 December 2016

You've heard of Angry Birds and Flappy Birds. But you probably haven't heard of Poopy Birds.

This naughty computer game was created by a group of teenage boys taking a summer English with Coding course with Bucksmore Education at its Plumpton College centre in Sussex.

"It's the sort of thing you'd expect 13 and 14 year olds to create if you got them to code a game - but actually it's quite fun. The game has birds in who poop on members of staff," says Bucksmore's managing director Matt Tighe.

This summer was the first time the course has been run. The students - all entry level at programming - were given tiny Raspberry Pi computers and taught the Python coding language on their two-week courses, which incorporated 15 hours of English each week. 

The course was popular with students, and will run again in 2017, with slightly more time devoted to coding than in this year.

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