Agostino's experience in Chester
18 January 2017

Agostino Strina is 23 and comes from Sardinia. He spent four months studying General English at English UK member English in Chester.

Hello Agostino! Why did you want to improve your English?

I would like to start a Masters' course in architecture and need Ielts to start the course in Milan. I have now achieved an Ielts 6.

Why did you choose to come to Chester?

It's very good to enjoy a normal English life and the correct way to improve English. In the past other people in my family went to Chester and all of them are very happy about this school because it is a very good school with a good reputation. 

Do you like Chester?

Chester is a very quiet city. You can go out and it's very relaxing and very secure. I love the life here. There are a lot of facilities to enjoy your time and speak English. 

Chester is in the centre of UK and in the previous months I went to London, Oxford and Edinburgh. I visited all of the UK because I love travel and discovered a new culture.

What about your school?

Yes, I like it here. I see a lot of people from all parts of the world, and now I have a very good relationship with them. A lot of my friends left because they finished their course so now we get in touch a lot. English in Chester is not a big school and after one or two months it's like a family - you know all the people, all the teachers. You spend a lot of time with your friends and your teachers. You know all the names. 

Has anything surprised you in the UK?

I was a little bit afraid about food but there is lots of different sorts of food here - if you don't like traditional food you have a lot of alternatives. Having dinner at 6:30 was a bit strange for the first month - it is very early - but then you get used to it.

Of course the weather is very different - sun then rain - but it is not a big problem. It's better not to have very hot weather when you are studying!

Anything else?

I thought people might be a bit cold but in real life I didn't find this. People helped me and tried to understand my English and I didn't find negative aspects - British people are more friendly than I thought.

Would you recommend studying English in Chester?

Yes of course. I can recommend studying at English in Chester because Chester is a little town and it is a little school. London is a big city and it wouldn't be the same overall. I think the UK is one of the best places to improve your English.


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