Wondering what you have to do about GDPR? Book now for our specialist course
8 February 2018

The rules on data protection are changing dramatically in May, and ELT centres need to be prepared, particularly if they hold information about under-18s or in other sensitive categories.

Under the new data compliance culture, organisations must be able to produce documentation about the data they hold and everything they do with it. The General Data Protection Regulation creates enormous changes, and organisations need to properly understand the implications or face significant penalties.

English UK is organising a series of courses specifically aimed at the ELT sector with GDPR expert Hellen Beveridge, head of strategic insight at Circdata, who is supporting many organisations make these changes. "I believe the legislation should be viewed less as another set of red tape to be endured, and more as an opportunity to show clients and customers that your business is trustworthy," she says.

Our course focuses on the practical issues, and will help your centre ensure all the major compliance-facing elements are in place. It covers:

  • General introduction to the Regulation
  • Controllers, co-controllers and processors: which are you? Are you always the same thing? What are your obligations?
  • Data Mapping and Inventory, and how to identify risks to determine if you need to carry out Data Impact Assessments
  • Data Subjects and their rights
  • Legal Bases for Processing – what is this and how do you apply it?
  • What is sensitive data?
  • Do you need a Data Protection Officer (DPO)?
  • Consent – how, when and where to get it.
  • Privacy notices – what you need to include and where you need to display them
  • Additional regulations – what is covered by the GDPR? Where does other legislation fit in?
  • Vendor Assessments – why you need to work with the right people
  • What to do if a data subject wants to exercise their rights.
  • Mandatory Breach Notification protocols.

There are courses coming up in Bristol, Manchester and London. Book your place for GDPR training for UK ELT providers.


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