Agents love post-StudyWorld ELT centre visits
17 September 2018

Agents from China and Latin America extended their StudyWorld experience with English UK trips exploring the South of England.

Agents from several Chinese cities visited eleven English UK members in nine destinations around London, while a group from Mexico, Brazil and Argentina viewed eight ELT centres in the south and south-west.

The groups gave fantastic feedback on their trips, with the Chinese agents giving an unprecedented Net Promoter Score (NPS) of 100 – meaning there was no neutral or negative feedback. Showcased centres gave a NPS of 71, which is well above the global average of 11.

One Chinese agent uploaded details of a centre they had visited to their own website the same day, getting responses from five clients.

Roz Rozidor, English UK's Market Development Manager who accompanied the trip, said: "As the Chinese market matures, agents are looking for ways to differentiate their offer. Juniors are the most important element of the market but not the only things they are interested in."

Louise Gow, English UK's Agent Relations Manager who ran the trip for eight Latin American agents, said: "It went really well. I had a group of agents who didn't know the region and really enjoyed seeing what's on offer outside London."

Another group of agents, mostly from Japan, visited seven centres in Wales in a trip organised by English UK Wales.

What did the agents think of English UK's trips?

The Chinese trip, which covered London and the Home Counties, included a look at junior camps in three different types of centre, as well as visits to city, country and seaside English UK members. The eleven agents came from a mixture of Chinese cities, some of which will be visited by English UK members taking part in the China Roadshow in November.

Jiangtao Ma, of the Shenzhen Creative Investment Group said: "The programme is well organised. The conference was extremely useful. The hosts were extremely nice and designed each meeting very carefully. It was absolutely wonderful mission. Accommodation and food was great, too. Ms Roz Rozidor was real great organiser and guide," while Lan Luo of Keass Arts Institute commented: "I think this inward mission was excellent, I got a lot of useful information and had very good experience visiting UK schools."

The Latin American agents were equally happy. "İmportant to realise you have many options. We are not working with many schools in England, and most go to London so I thought wow, there are so many options and cities and they are great. They can be cheaper or more one-to-one. And students can get a real impression of real life in England. I realised: wow, England is not just London," said Ninfa Gomes of International Experience in Mexico. Leonardo Ancebu from Cicor Viajes De Estudio, Argentina, added: "Usually when you visit schools the thing I like the most is to get to know the people who work there. The people we met were very nice, independent schools. It was really useful for me because I learnt a lot about their work. We got to see England outside London and that was really interesting. İt's very different, and Bristol was very good.

"We got to know a lot about the destinations and I will tell my new students about my experience." 

What did educators think of the agents they met on the English UK trips?

Educators also rated the trips highly. "It was a professional and enjoyable experience to showcase our centres to a group of quality agents in a condensed format that suited us in what was a busy week," said one, while another added: "It was a fantastic day with all the agents from different areas of China."

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