Prime Minister Boris Johnson announces an end to all legal Covid restrictions in England
23 February 2022

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Prime Minister Boris Johnson announces an end to all legal Covid restrictions in England

On Monday 21 February the UK government published its new Covid-19 strategy and road-map 'Living with Covid-19'.

Boris Johnson confirmed the UK government will shortly end all remaining legally binding Covid rules and restrictions, such as the legal requirement to self-isolate if you contract Covid-19.

Transition back towards normality

The move marks a "transition back towards normality" although the Prime Minister also cautioned that it was by no means a declaration of victory over the virus.

Self-isolation and testing rules to end

People who test positive will still be advised to follow existing self-isolation and testing rules, i.e. stay at home for at least five full days and until they have received two negative test results. This will change on Friday 1 April when people with Covid-19 symptoms will be advised to "exercise personal responsibility" and new government guidance will set out the ongoing steps that people with Covid should take to minimise contact with other people.

Passenger locator form to be reviewed 

In terms of the impact on travel, it was confirmed the UK's passenger locator form would be reviewed (and possibly axed) by Easter, and that the NHS Covid Pass will remain available to international travellers in the event they need to prove their Covid status.

Hotel quarantine to be withdrawn

It was also confirmed that hotel quarantine will be withdrawn, and in the future ministers will have a "toolkit of proportionate measures" to address any new threats posed by Covid-19.

There are currently no countries or territories on the red list for travel to England.

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