English UK members help over 50 doctors to requalify in the UK
28 January 2023

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English UK members help over 50 doctors to requalify in the UK with the help of RefuAid

In 2022, almost 250 refugees and asylum seekers had their life chances improved with the help of English UK members. 

English UK and many of our member centres work with RefuAid, the charity which works to restore independence and dignity to refugees. To date, over 90 English language centres have worked with RefuAid to give their clients access to the language learning they need to pass the IELTS or OET exams, allowing them to continue their careers or education in the UK.  

This year's full list of alumni is particularly inspiring. 54 doctors gained their OET or IELTS qualifications, an essential step towards practising in the UK. Ten nurses as well as radiographers, dentists and vets have also been supported to continue their professions.

93 students got the language qualifications they needed to take up a university course, with subjects including computer science, management, data science, law, medical science, hospitality and interior design. Around 35 of these students have been accepted onto postgraduate courses, with one starting a PhD, while others have gone straight into employment.  

The programme continues, with 300 currently studying towards their language qualifications and the waiting list continues to grow. 

Anna Jones, co-founder and CEO of RefuAid, said: "I hope the report shows, in a small way, the transformational impact working with English UK members has on the lives of those we've supported through partner school's generous donation of tuition. Each person has arrived in the UK seeking sanctuary and it is a very likely prospect that without the support from RefuAid and the partner schools we work with they'd still be struggling to gain the required qualification to continue their lives here in safety. Thank you again." 

Could your centre help in 2023? 

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