UK ELT accommodation survey: help us understand the challenges you face
18 March 2024

UK ELT accommodation survey: help us understand the challenges you face

We're collecting data to understand the extent of the accommodation supply problem in the UK ELT sector.

We encourage every member to complete the survey by Friday 12 April.

The results will help us decide the next steps to take and will support our campaigning work. For example, to inform the private purpose-built housing sector on potential demand and encourage investment. Or we could use the data as evidence for a change in government policies - such as providing rent-a-room relief uplift in order to encourage more people to become hosts.

Survey notes

  • It takes approximately 10 minutes to complete
  • You'll be asked for data on your current accommodation needs and to identify key periods of supply shortfall, plus opinions on student preferences and the biggest challenges you face.
  • Responses will be generalised and kept confidential

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Deadline: 12 April

About the research

Why is this needed?

Anecdotally, we know homestay supply in the UK is dwindling and given pricing structure, changes in host priorities etc, it is increasingly hard to for you to source enough. We're also aware that there aren't enough viable alternative accommodation options currently available.

These challenges, however, have never been measured. There is a critical need for deeper understanding to allow us to take strategic action.

About our insight partner BONARD

The research is being managed by our insight partner BONARD, an independent market research provider that specialises in international education.

Objectives and scope

  • Find out what proportion of member centres offer accommodation.
  • Map the current structure of the accommodation market.
  • Quantify the extent of accommodation shortfalls - exactly when the peak accommodation times are, for what type of accommodation, and by what volume demand outstripped supply in 2023.
  • Understand the biggest challenges you face and what trends are anticipated.
  • Canvas opinion on what English UK could do.
  • Enable an element of benchmarking with Canada and Australia - two markets also suffering from capacity issues.

When will I receive the findings?

Join us at the English UK Members' Conference on 17 May to hear BONARD present the findings.

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Insights and research for the UK ELT sector

You can view previous research, market reports and other UK ELT statistics on our market intelligence page (member login required).

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