Student profile: Noor Aalhashem from Iraq
24 March 2015

Noor Aalhashem is 30 and comes from Iraq. She is a college lecturer, studying General English and IELTS at English UK member Celtic English Academy in Cardiff, Wales. Find out more about learning English in Wales.

What are you studying, and why?

I am studying General English and IELTS at Celtic English Academy for seven months to improve my score for my PhD in Architecture and Engineering at Cardiff University.

English will help me do my PhD, and my PhD to improve my country, to learn how can we build high rise buildings in culturally traditional areas with traditional heritage buildings, and urban planning.

Do you like it in Cardiff?

Yes, I am enjoying it here. I like the culture in Cardiff and the UK. I was surprised when I arrived to see different people from different countries, and a different mix of cultures in the UK, especially in Cardiff.

What do you like about the UK?

I really like the easy communication with people and catching up with friends or doing shopping.

It's different to my country, more relaxed and friendly. It surprised me to see that the UK was so relaxed and friendly. I like to live here, but when I finish my PhD, I will look forward to going home to see my family.

Would you recommend learning English in the UK to your friends?

Yes, I would recommend to many friends in Iraq that they come to the Celtic Academy of English to study English.


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