Public affairs: our journey so far and where we go from here
9 May 2016

All too often the discussion around international students has been based on immigration rather than their positive contribution to the UK.

But with the publication of our Economic Impact Report and its launch in parliament, and our work making the case for international education amongst parliamentary stakeholders, we have started our campaign to raise awareness of English UK and the value of UK ELT. And we are already beginning to see results. A broader base of parliamentarians are advocating for international student numbers to be removed from immigration statistics.

Join us at the English UK Annual Conference & AGM 2016 to discuss how we are positively influencing the debate about international students, what comes next and how you can get involved.

Come along to sessions with Timothy Blake, chair of the London School of English and chair of the English UK Public Affairs Advisory Group, and Tas Bhanji of public affairs consultant MHP, to find out how to best raise awareness among key influencers locally, for top tips for maximising your voice and a set of invaluable tools for raising the profile of your language centre and English UK as a whole.


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