What’s in the party manifestos about ELT? And how do I contact my election candidates about it?
24 May 2017

To support English UK members who want to raise the profile of the accredited English language teaching (ELT) industry during the election campaign, we've produced a guide to the three main manifestos and a complete list of candidates in each constituency.

We encourage you to look carefully at the policies around migration, international students and Brexit in particular, although the comparison also includes other commitments which may be of interest around education funding and business/employment issues.

We'd also like to draw your attention to an online pamphlet published by think-tank British Future, which focuses on steps which could be taken to restore public trust on immigration and integration, and contains the quote: "The UK'S Global Britain ambition should be to maintain and increase its share (of the international student market), not to coast along as competitors overtake us."

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