Preparing for difficult student behaviour in the summer season
30 May 2017

During the summer, students may cause more disruption compared to the rest of the year. Their behaviour may be stressful and hard to deal with, but there is a solution.

It's important that steps are taken at the institutional level, Heather Rhodes advises, so how to settle an issue does not depend on a teacher's judgement alone.

At the English UK Get Ready for Summer Conference next month, Heather will outline how to implement a set of rules to help teachers handle difficult student behaviour. She will offer tips on explaining the system to staff and students, and on how to keep improving it in the future.

Heather has over 16 years' experience in the industry, as a teacher, director of studies and principal, giving her a broad perspective of handling student disruption. Join us to discuss your experiences, how to handle bad behaviour and what can be done to create a more effective system.

Other sessions include, Fiona Dunlop, academic director at Wimbledon School of English, on setting up a system to ensure teachers develop even during the short summer term; Steve Wheeler, consultant for Trinity College London, on strategies to keep your staff motivated in summer; and Emma-Jayne Robinson, ELT sales consultant at Macmillan Education, obtaining the right resources for summer courses.

Finally, Thom Jones will share his insights and experiences on how to make the summer school experience enjoyable and interesting for both the students and teachers.

Prices are £40 for members and £60 for non-members.

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