Helping to shape the post-Brexit immigration system with English UK
18 March 2019


While many of the details around Brexit are currently still to be decided, English UK has been working behind the scenes to clarify how UK ELT will be affected, and working for the best possible outcomes.

We are optimistic that the Home Office is genuinely listening to what we say and taking the needs of our industry seriously.

"We recognise how hugely important the ELT sector is and what a successful industry it is," Paul Regan, the Home Office's Director of Migration Policy told us at a specially-convened London First breakfast meeting last week. 

What do recent votes in Parliament mean for UK ELT?

The situation has not changed. The UK government is still making plans should the UK leave without a deal and work on a new set of immigration rules from January 2021 is ongoing. EU students will still be able to travel on ID cards and work in the UK to the end of 2020. If the exit date of Friday 29 March changes, the start of interim immigration arrangements will move to the new exit date.

There will also be a major consultation on the Immigration White Paper involving plans for non-UK nationals entering and leaving the UK from January 2021.

English UK at the heart of consultation on post-2020 immigration

Our place in the consultation on our future immigration system has been confirmed by senior Home Office officials. 

Chief Executive Sarah Cooper has been invited to join a new advisory group - an extended education sector forum - which will be asked to consider and discuss the Immigration White Paper. She has also been promised a bespoke consultation focusing exclusively on the needs of the ELT sector. 

The consultation will run for the rest of 2019 before new rules are drafted early in 2020, ready for use the following January. Consultation is likely to be carried out exclusively with industry bodies, devolved nations and regions, so your chance to have your say will come through English UK.

We will invite members to comment on priorities for our industry and share thoughts on vital issues when the structure of the consultation becomes clearer.

Get involved in shaping the new immigration system

Your first chance to get involved will be at the English UK Annual Conference on Thursday 23 May, when Sarah will speak about the consultation.

Summer staff and Brexit

Members have already raised the issue of whether the new visa system could deter EU nationals from coming as they do now to work as summer staff on junior courses.

We have raised the issue with the Home Office, and it is looking at this along with the seasonal staff needs of other industries. 

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