From campaign strategy to content: digital marketing training for ELT
10 February 2020

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The ELT Digital Marketing Bootcamp: flexible for your development needs

We think our Digital Marketing Bootcamp is one of the best ways for marketers working in ELT centres to improve their skills and confidence, and we've made it even more flexible for English UK members.

The course follows a logical sequence over two days, English UK members can take advantage of our flexible attendance options, so you can attend individual days, both days, or even get Disquiet Dog into your centre for bespoke training, as fits your centre's needs.

Participants are supported to plan and embed digital change in the context of their own workplace. They'll leave with the tools they need to start boosting your ELT centre's competitiveness across strategy, websites, and social media, as soon as they return to their desks.

The Digital Marketing Bootcamp is split into two days to cover the full needs of all levels of UK ELT marketer.

Two days, two aspects of digital marketing

Working with the Disquiet Dog team, we have adapted the digital marketing course to offer English UK members even greater flexibility. We know that our member centres, and the staff roles within them, are incredibly diverse and that flexibility is key so you can get the most out of your professional development.

Each day of the two-day course has a different focus. Delegates can join the whole course for a fantastic overview of digital marketing plus learn about the  tools and ideas the need to have a real impact on your centre's digital marketing strategy and output. Or, if you want to concentrate on just one area, this is now an option.

Day one: the essence of digital marketing

The first day covers the essence of digital marketing, developing an online campaign strategy, creating a digital culture and more. This session provides the necessary background to make sure any changes you implement and digital presence projects you undertake are a success.

Day two: digital marketing in practice

The second day explores how to make changes to your digitial presence in more detail. Day two is all about the 'doing' of digital marketing: keywords and content, website management, planning and managing social media and more.

Book your place on the Digital Marketing Bootcamp

With a good mix of listening, discussing, problem solving, and working on your own digital context, this two-day intensive course is collaborative, interactive, relevant and fun.

The Digital Marketing Bootcamp is in London on Tuesday 25 and Wednesday 26 February 2020.

Two-day course: English UK member £545 (non-member £725)
One day course: English UK member £295

To access the member discount, select 'enter promo code' before selecting your tickets and enter your English UK member number.

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