Student survey to enrich research for new Japan market report
12 February 2020

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Circulate student survey to enrich research for new Japan market intelligence report

We are excited to confirm a new series of strategic, evidence-based market intelligence reports will be produced for the UK ELT industry. The series will collect in-depth data to give you practical recommendations and tips to best cater for student needs, improving your student recruitment and the student experience. The first report for this series will be on the Japanese market.

To create a comprehensive picture of Japan for the report, we would like you to share a short survey with your past, current and potential Japanese students.

All participating students will be entered into a prize draw to win an Apple watch. The prize-draw winner will notified by end March 2020.

The first-hand information on Japanese students' needs and preferences will add real value to the report, which will be full of practical recommendations, insights, graphs, maps and details to help you succeed in the Japanese market.

The Japan market report will be avaiable exclusively to English UK members and British Council accredited UK ELT centres in summer 2020.

The research is being managed by our insight partner Bonard, an independent market research provider that specialises in international education, in collaboration with the British Council.

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A new series of ELT market reports

Globally the ELT industry is in a mature state. There is little year-on-year change in the total number of students traveling to study English in the eight main English speaking destinations (USA, UK, Canada, South Africa, Malta, Australia, New Zealand and Ireland).

In this 'zero sum game', gaining market share from competitor destinations and identifying opportunities is key. Therefore, to support your success in market, the new ELT market report series will offer practical recommendations and a specific set of actions.

Our market reports will give accredited UK ELT providers a global competitive advantage through consistent, evidence-based market intelligence on selected key source markets.

Why focus on Japan

Following an initial market assessment, the countries selected for reports all exhibit growth potential for the UK.

The first report in this series will be on the Japanese market because:

  • English language proficiency in Japan is declining (from 53.6 in 2014 to 51.8 in 2017)
  • Japan consistently ranks the third largest producer of student weeks globally
  • The UK is currently under-represented in Japan (with market share falling from 14.7% in 2014 to 10.8% in 2018) and there is potential for increasing this
  • There is anecdotal information that a considerable number of Japanese students now prefer to study English in The Philippines. No data currently exists on the size of this market, or the possible implications for UK ELT.

How are countries chosen?

The market selection was guided by the following criteria:

  • Number of students and student weeks spent in the UK
  • Number of students and student weeks spent in other major ELT destinations (to identify any market where the UK underperforms)
  • Future sending potential to the UK
  • Socio-economic situation in source countries
  • Previous reports released

What is the student survey about?

The survey questions focus on the student journey, the decision-making process and the Japanese students' experience of studying ELT in the UK.

If you'd like to receive a copy of the questionnaire in English, please request a script from Market Development Manager Roz McGill.

Do students need to share personal data?

The only personal data requested is an email address if they wish to participate in the prize draw (so that the winner can be identified and contacted).

All responses will be handled as strictly confidential. The survey is administered by Bonard, an independent research provider. No data will be individually attributed under any circumstances. Under no circumstances will the data provided be shared with third parties. 

Bonard guarantees fair data processing and compliance with the ICC/ ESOMAR code for markets, opinions, social research and data analysis.

Will the market report just focus on the student perspective?

No. The report will combine global industry research with local insights.

This qualitative student survey is one of four strands used in the research methodology. The others are desk top research, in-depth qualitative interviews conducted by Bonard (with Japanese education agencies, UK ELT providers, stakeholders and other leading experts) and quantitative research of Japanese agents through a separate online survey.


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