What is happening to the QUIC scheme for 2020?
24 November 2020

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What is happening to QUIC for 2020?

QUIC is a unique data initiative that provides in-depth insights on the UK ELT industry and its source markets every quarter. In 2020 it will run a little differently to normal. 

English UK was the first national ELT organisation to collect and provide such timely and comprehensive market information; and the first to offer it as a professional service. Since 2016 the scheme has helped the association and participating members identify market trends and opportunities, to base time-critical business decisions on robust data.

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, our quarterly student statistics scheme could not go ahead as usualInstead, in late November 2020, we will run a modified version, with the QUIC 2019 participants asked to retrospectively declare their quarter one, two and three data sets. Quarter four data will be collected in January 2021. A report covering all four quarters will then be avaliable in February. English UK will cover the cost of this variant of the scheme.  

Due to the devestating impact of the Covid-19 pandemic on UK ELT, we are treating 2020 as a reset - essentially a 'year zero'. As such the scope of the published QUIC report will be different and made available to all members and wider stakeholders as appropriate. Like-to-like historical comparisons will not be part of it. Rather, in this unprecedented year, the key focus will be on providing members with a solid understanding of where adults and juniors travelled from in each quarter and on assessing the impact the pandemic had on the modes of teaching delivery.  

We will be asking participants that were in the scheme prior to 2020 to return their QUIC data. We believe most are set up to supply this information relatively quickly. They are already familiar with the standardised QUIC data return form and, for many, it is straightforward to export the submission data from their administration and booking system.

Why is the 2020 quarterly data so important? 

  • To have a timely and solid understanding of what has and hasn't happened in the sector in 2020, in terms of students arriving.  
  • To have robust data for lobbying purposes, information that highlights the extent to which the Covid-19 pandemic affected the UK ELT industry. 
  • For the continued integrity of the QUIC scheme itself. It is vital that the full QUIC 2020 data set is still collected so, going forward, we are able to monitor the recovery of the UK ELT sector and trends emerging from different source markets.

What is different about this year's QUIC scheme?

  • There will be no charge for member centres to participate. The analysis will still be outsourced to Bonard, our insight partner, but English UK will cover the cost. Anyone who had already paid the 2020 fee is being refunded.  
  • The research will be statistically robust and the same detailed data collected, but the survey scope will be different.  Bonard will produce one written (PDF) report rather than four separate ones for each quarter. 
  • It will be free to participate in the scheme but we are asking the participants to commit their time to submit their data for the sake of the wider industry.  
  • However, the four full Excel datasets (one for each quarter) will remain the same and be exclusive to QUIC participants. They'll be able to use these pivot tables to pull out more granular market insights and to benchmark their own quarterly performance against competitors.
  • New research (through a short survey) will establish how the pandemic impacted on the type of instruction method members used i.e., Participants will be asked to estimate the percentage of student weeks in each quarter that were: face to face; online in-country; online off-shore, and hybrid (i.e. a combination of the other methods).  This continues our journey of providing English UK members with exclusive, sophisticated market intelligence.  

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