PBS Review December 2009
27 November 2009

The government plan to hold a major review of the PBS system this December. It will cover the below focus areas:

  • Should the minimum level of qualification that can be studied through the PBS be raised from NQF level 3?
  • Should the minimum level of English language qualification that can be studied in the UK through the PBS be raised from CEFR level A2?
  • Should English language testing be introduced for all courses of NQF level 5 and below, including English language courses, and if so, through what mechanism?
  • Should access to vocational courses be restricted?
  • Should we introduce a differential approach for countries which have historically been sources of illegal migration, raising the minimum level of qualification and introducing stricter tests for  individuals from those higher risk countries?
  • Should we restrict the work rights attached to student visas?
  • Should we place limits on the progression of students on courses up the qualifications scale without their returning to their home countries?


English UK has produced a response to this review and the points raised above, a draft of which can be downloaded here.

English UK has also urged members to contact their local MPs to point out just what damage these changes could potentially cause to the UK economy if brought in. Members have also been encouraged to file their own response to the review, following the general line of arguments put forward by English UK, to Suzanne.Barnes@homeoffice.gsi.gov.uk.


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