Clarification from UKBA on secure English language tests
6 August 2010

Further to queries raised by members, UKBA have now confirmed the following:

1. Students coming to the UK to study an English language course are not required to do a secure English language test (SELT).

2. Students enrolling on a pre-sessional course (including foundation courses and courses preparing for a masters degree) leading to a degree level course (NQF level 6 or above) do not have to do a SELT. This ONLY applies if the pre-sessional course does not lead to an external qualification in its own right (e.g an A level course).  

The UKBA definition of a pre-sessional course is a preparatory course that will enhance the student's subject specific knowledge and where the student will not receive any external award for completing this course.

3. Students enrolling on a pre-sessional course (including foundation course) that leads to a course below degree level (or NQF level 5) are required to take a SELT. This is irrespective of whether the offer for the main course is unconditional or conditional. Government sponsored students are also required to do a SELT if studying below degree level.

Following discussions with the Minister for Immigration, Damian Green, and senior UKBA officials last week, English UK have put together a position paper reviewing the options.

The paper can be downloaded in the members’ area of the English UK website here

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