Update on Tony Milln's meeting with Barbara Woodward of UKBA
9 August 2010

Further to Tony’s meeting with Barbara Woodward, we have received an update on the issues that were raised. As we had pointed out it was not possible to discuss individual refusals.

Visa delays in Jordan

The Amman Visa Section had a backlog in June and early July, which pushed processing just outside the 15 day target. The Entry Clearance Manager has addressed the delays and the Visa Section is now processing all applications within 4-5 days.

Decisions in Russia

The Moscow Visa Section confirmed that some applications - which should have been issued - were initially refused by officers who were new to Moscow. We think this problem has now been resolved and the wrongly refused visas have been issued.

Under 18s at port of entry (especially Heathrow)

Barbara Woodward has forwarded members' concerns to the Director at Heathrow. We are still waiting for an update about this.


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