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21 June 2012

British Council China will be organising a webinar on 11 July 2012 to share insights into the trend and development of the current English language market in China. The main content includes the economic, cultural, educational and political environment for English teaching and training in China, recommended marketing strategies for each target group and identified market sectors with large growth potentials. The aim of this webinar is to provide UK English training providers with an overview of the China English language market for developing their individual marketing strategies.

The main structure of the presentation is outlined as below:

  • Overall market review
    - Growth of China ELT market
    - Economic, cultural and educational background for the growth of ELT market
    - Chinese government policy and regulation on ELT market 
    - Market segments and features
    - Main ELT products in China market and analysis of their individual performance
    - Main players in China ELT market and analysis of their individual performance

  • Recommended marketing strategies for each market segment
    - Marketing channels and tools
    - Partners to work with

  • New opportunities   
    - Existing products with untapped potentials
    - Unaddressed needs from the market

  • Services from British Council  

The cost for this webinar is GBP 80. If you are a UK ELT provider interested in attending this webinar, please contact Ms Liu Xin at


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