This week's UK news: 20 March 2009
20 March 2009

When love fails... 

It is not romantic but it is good business. This week the UK's first divorce fair was held, in the seaside city of Brighton. 

Since the UK's divorce rate is quite high, it is surprising nobody thought of this before. The show, held at a Brighton hotel, provided everything people might need at the end of a relationship. Customers could get advice from lawyers and money experts, and help with minor health problems and relaxation. 

Many of the customers said they liked being able to talk to other people whose relationships had ended.

Alcohol in the news

The Government's medical chief suggested that a minimum price should be set for alcohol. This would double the price of many beers and some spirits, such as vodka and whisky.

The price rises would target many people who are drinking so much that they may become ill. The cheapest drinks would be affected. The effects of people drinking too much is thought to cost the UK £25bn a year.

But the government has rejected the idea so far. 

Mick Jagger's trousers go on show

A London museum has opened new galleries dedicated to theatre and performance.

Items on show include a wrecked guitar belonging to The Who's Pete Townsend, and a revealing costume worn by Mick Jagger of the Rolling Stones in 1972. The costume is so tight that it is displayed on a child-size model, and is worn where Jagger's hips moved.

You can also see Kylie Minogue's dressing room from her 2007 tour and many items used in the theatre. The galleries are at the Victoria and Albert museum. 

Hunting for treasure

There is a huge mystery about a building firm which has run out of money and made 400 workers unemployed. 

The accounts show that in the past the firm seems to have bought an £11m ruby called the Jewel of Tanzania. Finding it would solve a lot of problems.

But nobody can find the jewel, and there is argument about whether it actually exists. 

Get a closer look at the UK before you come

Google has launched its new Street View service in Britain. This means you can get a new view of 25 British cities, with photographs taken at street level. 

It has taken longer than expected for the service to start because the cameras could not get clear enough images in rain and snow.

Cities featured so far include London, Edinburgh, Leeds, Cambridge, Birmingham, Manchester, Liverpool, Oxford, Bristol, Glasgow, Aberdeen, and York.  To use the service, go to Google Maps and look for a man on the left of the screen. If the man is yellow, Street View is available.


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