Credit Crunch English Lessons
25 March 2009

Sometimes economic problems can have a good side, as students at one London English school are discovering.

Rose of York is offering "Credit Crunch lessons" at special rates from as little as £2 an hour, which are attracting interest from students abroad and already in the UK.

"Surprisingly, students continue to enrol at the peak times", says director of studies Michael Mortimer.

"More than ever, in fact, in spite of the credit crunch. I think this is down to the strong reputation we've acquired for value for money with our overseas agents."

The school had the idea of credit crunch lessons because at this time of year it finds late afternoon classes hard to fill yet is opening new classes during the mornings and early afternoon.

"Last year, as the economic downturn began to impact, we thought we'd offer a super-discounted rate for this time and the 'credit crunch' seemed an appropriate nail to hang it on," says Mr Mortimer. He says there has been a moderate amount of interest, and the school has opened one new late afternoon class.

Spanish, Colombian, Hungarian, and Turkish students have expressed an interest, with bookings being made for both long and short courses. The school is offering a heavy discount, says Mr Mortimer, and one course is only four weeks long.

"The discount is quite considerable, if you compare our 9-11:45 General English class (£425 for four weeks) and the Credit Crunch class (£200 for four weeks) - that's just over £3 per hour!

"We will run this course for as long as there is a demand."

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