This week's UK news: 24 January 2014
24 January 2014

Police called to shop after half price offer ends

Here in the UK we have shops which sell a wide range of household goods at very low prices -- usually 99 pence, which is less than GBP 1.

One 99p shop in North Wales was selling all its goods at half price because it was about to close permanently. The shop was full of customers keen to buy bargains, with a long wait to pay. Then shop workers announced that the half-price deal was no longer valid as the shop would be able to continue trading.

Shoppers then became very angry and the police were called. They closed down the shop until the situation calmed down. Managers apologised for the confusion and said the shop should not have ended the sale without any warning.


Viking longboat comes to London

The Vikings came from Northern European countries and used boats to invade countries over a huge area more than a thousand years ago, including parts of the UK, north Africa, the Arctic and Russia.

The remains of one of the biggest Viking warships ever found are being put together at the British Museum in London. The ship, which was almost 37 metres long, is described as "a war machine" and will be at the centre of the biggest exhibition about the Vikings this century. It opens on 6 March.


Kylie Minogue boosts UK TV show

The UK has always loved singer Kylie Minogue. She started on our screens 30 years ago in an Australian TV drama called Neighbours which was shown on UK TV every day. She played a car mechanic and was so popular that producers of pop songs in Britain got her in to record a version of The Loco-Motion in 1987.

In 2001 her song Can't Get You Out Of My Head went to number 1 in more than 40 countries.

Now Kylie has joined the team on a UK talent show called The Voice. In this show, well-known musicians listen to the contestants sing with their backs turned. If they like what they hear, they can turn round during the song, and that musician then joins their team. Each star musician wants to get their singer through to the final.

Since Kylie joined the show, the number of people watching has gone up by two million.


Working at nights can make you ill

Researchers in the UK have been looking at the effects on the body of not sleeping at night. They have tested what happens to people who have recently flown, and have not adjusted to the new time zone, and people who work either at night or in changing patterns.

A team at the Sleep Research Centre at the University of Surrey altered the waking times of 22 volunteers until they were sleeping during the day and awake at night. They found that the immune system, which fights off infections, did not switch on in these people.


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