This week's UK news: 23 August 2014
23 August 2014

Go on the bus to get thin

Going to work on the bus is a better way to lose weight than diet or exercise, says a new UK study. It found that men who walked, cycled, or went on the bus or train to work lost around seven pounds in weight. Women lost around 5.5 pounds doing the same thing. 

The researchers, from two London universities, said this showed the health benefits of using public transport (train, bus or Tube) was similar to walking or cycling, probably because people have to walk or cycle to bus stops or train stations.

They said that as most people in the UK mostly travel by car, there could be major health gains if there was a shift to "more active" modes of travel. Around two thirds of people drive to work.

Lady Gaga buys fashion student's designs

A London fashion graduate was shocked when Lady Gaga bought all of his designs from an exhbition.

Wilson PK, 23, who recently graduated from Central St Martins in London, had some of his designs in an exhibition when he was working for a designer in New York. Lady Gaga's staff saw the clothes and asked him to send over all of them. She wore a bright orange knitted suit when she landed in South Korea recently.

The singer also posted photographs of PK's clothes on her Instagram page. PK, originally from Hong Kong, said "It's a huge honour."

What are UK babies called?

The popularity chart for babies named last year has just been published. There are not many changes among the most popular names but some interesting ones are rising up the chart. 

The top boy's name is Oliver, followed by Jack, Harry, Jacob and Charlie. George is new in at number 10, probably because of Prince George. Mohammed would have been the most popular boy's name but it is spelt in different ways.

The top girl's name is Amelia, followed by Olivia, Emily, Ava and Isla. 

Names influenced by books, film or TV programmes include Renesmee (a vampire/human hybrid from Twilight) and Theon and Tyrion from Game of Thrones. 

Top 25 "simple pleasures" in England named

Visit England has asked people to choose some of their favourite traditional activities. 
Top of the list is eating fish and chips on Blackpool Pier, followed by afternoon tea in Devon and picnicking on the shores of Lake Windermere in the Lake District. 

Other popular pleasures include looking in rock pools on a beach in Cornwall, camping in the New Forest in the far south of England, enjoying Stonehenge, and trying to make one of the Queen's guards laugh at Buckingham Palace. 

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