This week's UK news: 1 September 2014
1 September 2014

Singer returns to stage after 35 years

Kate Bush is used to being different to other pop stars. Her first hit record, Wuthering Heights, was inspired by a 19th century romantic novel and came out when she was 17. From the start, Bush was an extraordinary performer, using mime and dance, using a variety of styles, and hitting very high notes.
She had lots of hit records and albums, but gave her last live performance 35 years ago. For the last 16 years she has concentrated on raising her son, Bertie, though she has released some albums. So everyone was surprised when she announced that she would do 22 concerts in London. The 77,000 tickets sold out in just 15 minutes.
The shows started this week and got fantastic reviews. Kate Bush has continued to do things her way. Her son, now 16, was involved in the planning and performance, and the audiences are asked not to use mobiles to film the shows. 

Baking show controversy

The Great British Bake Off is one of the UK's most popular TV shows. It is hard to explain why it is so popular, though. It is a competition for people who love baking. The series is filmed over a series of weekends in a giant tent in the English countryside, with two expert judges and two comedians as well as the contestants.
Each week the expert judges set three challenges for the contestants. Each week, one wins star baker, and one is sent home. The worst thing that usually happens is that the judges complain that someone's bake has a "soggy bottom". 
This week was different. The bakers had to make a Baked Alaska, which is a pudding with sponge and icecream inside and meringue outside. The tent was very hot and the icecream was not setting properly in the freezers. One contestant took another's pudding out of the freezer and forgot to put it back for less than a minute. The man who had made the pudding was so cross that it was melted that he put it in the bin and left the tent. The judges decided he should be the one to leave the show that week.
Some viewers thought this was deliberate and unfair, and complained about it. The row is still going on.

Dr Who returns and Sherlock wins American awards

Dr Who, the popular British TV show about a time travelling alien, has returned for a new series. The Doctor is played by a new actor, Peter Capaldi, who is 55.The story allows the Doctor to change his body sometimes (and so allows different actors to play the part) and Capaldi, who is 55, is the oldest since 1963.
More than 7m viewers watched the first episode with the new Doctor. The story included a dinosaur in 19th century London and aliens stealing body parts.
Another UK TV show, Sherlock - written and created by the Dr Who team - won seven US Emmy Awards this week, more than American shows like Breaking Bad. It got prizes for best actor and supporting actor in a miniseries, an award for its writing, and four others. This surprised the makers of the show.

Man U's problems continue

Manchester United fans are not having a good time. The team were beaten 4-0 by MK Dons, who play two leagues below Man U. The MK Dons whole team cost under GBP500,000, less than most of Man U's players cost individually. The Dons were so happy that they are making special shirts for fans to celebrate. Man U fans are less happy.
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