This week's UK news: 3 October 2014
3 October 2014

World's most boring calendar goes on sale

Clubs in the UK like to raise money for themselves by selling calendars. The calendars often have pictures of their members for each month. It became fashionable for the pictures to be more entertaining after a women's group in Yorkshire posed naked (but hiding behind kitchen equipment and musical instruments).

Now the Dull Men's Club has produced its new calendar (Dull means boring, by the way). The dull men in the pictures all have a different, strange, way of spending their spare time.

The men in the calendar include Kevin Beresford, who likes photographing road roundabouts, Steve Wheeler, who has collected more than 30,000 milk bottles, a man with the world's largest traffic cone collection and Hugh Barker, who photographs hedges (the green plants which surround gardens). You can buy the calendar on Amazon.


Always rains in the UK? Think again

September was the driest across the UK since records began in 1910, says weather experts. We had 20 per cent of the normal amount of rain.

This is a bit odd the rest of the year so far has been the wettest on record.

The month was also in the top five warmest Septembers.


More 100th birthdays create work for Royal team

Anyone who celebrates a 100th birthday in the UK gets a special birthday card from the Queen. The department which sends out the cards has had to take on extra staff, because the numbers of people reaching the age of 100 has risen by 70 per cent in the last decade. Until recently one person did the job: now there are seven.

There are now almost 14,000 people aged 100 or more in the UK. This is a five per cent rise in the last year. There are around 170 people aged more than 105.

People celebrate their 100th birthdays in interesting ways. They include a pool party, a street party, hiring a hot air balloon or travelling in a very old car.


New James Bond story on the way

Children's writer Anthony Horowitz has been asked to write a new James Bond novel. He will base the book on a short story written by Ian Fleming, the creator of James Bond.

Horowitz's story is called Murder on Wheels. It is set at the Nurburgring racing track in Germany. James Bond has to stop a plot to make a famous racing driver crash.

Other "new" Bond stories have been written since the author died, but this is the first to be based on a short story by Fleming. The book will be published next year.


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