This week's UK news: 10 October 2014
10 October 2014

Baking show comes to an end

The Great British Bake Off is one of the most talked-about programmes on UK TV. It is a competition which runs each summer to find the best baker.

This year the show transferred to the main public service broadcasting channel, and got more than 10m viewers.

The show puts contestants in a big tent in the countryside every weekend and asks them to bake three different things within a time limit. These include very complicated recipes which they may not know about.

The judges then taste the breads, cakes and biscuits and look at the decoration and whether they have risen properly. There are lots of jokes about soggy bottoms.

There was lots of drama on the show this year when one man threw his pudding into a bin and gave that to the judges. This week the winner was chosen from three finalists. She was not the expected winner, but was very calm and organised during the whole competition. 


Festival tickets sell out in 14 minutes

Glastonbury is the UK's most famous music festival. It has been held on a farm in England most summers for since 1970. It always attracts big names. It also seems to attract the rain, and the festival is famous for mud as well as music.

This week, 15,000 tickets with coach transport went on sale - and sold out in just 14 minutes. Festival organiser Emily Eavis said: "That's amazing.".


Working mothers in the UK do most housework

Mothers who go out to work in the UK do twice as much work as men when they get home. A survey on a website found that men are most likely to do three jobs at home. Those are taking the rubbish out, repairs and decorating, and changing lightbulbs.

Women take most responsibility for 36 other jobs, including vacuuming, washing and ironing. Women spend about 10 hours a week on jobs at home and men spend five.


Here is the weather in space

The UK's weather forecasting service is opening a special centre so that it can monitor the weather in space. This is important because some events in space, such as solar flares, can badly affect power supplies, radio satellites, GPS and more.

The space weather forecasts will be available in a simple form on the Met Office website.



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