This week's UK news: 29 January 2015
29 January 2015

Dinosaur leaves London museum

If you have visited the Natural History Museum in London, you will have seen the big dinosaur skeleton in the main entrance. The diplodocus, called Dippy, has been there since 1979 and it is very popular.

So it has been big news this week that Dippy is being moved away. A Blue Whale skeleton will replace the dinosaur in the entrance hall. Blue Whales are the largest animal on Earth, and this is the largest skeleton anywhere. The 82 foot long skeleton is already in the museum, but now it will hang from the museum's high roof and look like it would swallow visitors. It is twice as big as the biggest dinosaur.

The museum says it is making the change because the whale skeleton is real, but the dinosaur is a model. It was created using the bones of a dinosaur found in the US in 1898. It took 18 months to make the model and it came to London in 36 large boxes. The museum says it might send the dinosaur skeleton on tour to other places. 


Man gives money to good mother

A mother who was on the train with her three year old son was very surprised to be given a letter with money in by another passenger.

The letter, written from the man to Samantha Welch, praised the way she was teaching her son to behave well, and said she should buy herself a drink with the money. The man, who is called Ken Saunders, said he liked the way she was teaching her son. He said somebody had given his own daughter some money in the same way.

This story was in a lot of newspapers and on the TV after Miss Welch talked about it. The TV stations found the man and put him on TV with Miss Welch. She said how happy the letter had made her. 


Woman makes history in Church of England

More than 20 years ago, the Church of England voted to let women become priests. But there have been long arguments about letting them get more senior jobs in the Church. 

This week the Church created its first woman Bishop at a special event in York. Bishops are more senior than priests and manage parts of the Church. Libby Lane became the Bishop of Stockport, at a special church service. She will probably not be the only woman Bishop for very long.


We are talking about Easter eggs already

In the UK, we celebrate the Easter festival in the spring by eating chocolate shaped as eggs. We like to joke that Easter Eggs arrive in shops as soon as Christmas ends.

So far we have had lots of stories about Easter Eggs this year, and Easter isn't until March. First of all we heard that Creme Eggs - which are filled with a sweet yellow and white syrup - are being made differently this year. This week we were told that there will be new Easter Egg flavours.

The flavours sound strange. One is Marmite, which is a salty paste for spreading on toast and bread. It has a very strong taste and people either love it or hate it. The other new recipe is for a Pot Noodle flavour egg. Pot Noodles are an instant snack. 

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