Student profile: Abdulaziz Sherif
4 February 2015

Libya: Abdulaziz Sherif

Abdulaziz Sherif is 24 and a trainee pilot from Tripoli in Libya. He graduated from Tripoli University last year and is now is on a pilot training course at Shoreham in Sussex.

As part of that he has to learn English at English UK member The English Language Centre Brighton (ELC), even though he lived in the UK until he was 12.

Are you enjoying your studies at ELC?

It's a perfect place to improve my English. The teachers are really well qualified with many different ways of teaching, and you can take all the different exams here.

A lot of people consider me a native speaker but I don't. I want to learn more about the language and I am learning a lot of idioms here.

I like the social experience involved in getting my English much better and the mix of nationalities in the school.

What do you think of Brighton and Hove?

It's great. I really love Brighton so much - it's one of the most exciting cities on the South Coast and I am really enjoying it and its history. People here seem to have more freedom than in other cities.

I am also really enthusiastic about the Brighton Festival. It's been really gorgeous having that going on and the best thing is the Open Houses where people open up their homes to display and sell art during the weekends.

Is there anything you don't like?

I didn't like being here in March. It was freezing cold and I had to get used to British weather. I don't really like fog. But I can't stand the really hot weather in Libya either!

What else do you like about being here?

ELC is one of the things I really love, as the staff are really friendly and patient.


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