This week's UK news: 27 February 2015
27 February 2015

New chocolate keeps skin young

A British company says it has created a chocolate bar which makes skin get younger. The makers of Esthechoc say it can change the skin of somebody aged 50 or 60 to be more like skin of somebody aged 20-30. The chocolate contains ingredients found in salmon, flamingoes and dark chocolate.

The chocolate will go on sale soon. It is likely to be expensive. Some scientists say there should be more tests, reviewed by other scientists, to show whether the chocolate does what its makers say it does.


New Sherlock Holmes story found

The Sherlock Holmes stories were written more than a hundred years ago. But now an unknown one has been found in a magazine published in Scotland.

The story was in a special publication created to raise money to rebuild a bridge. Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, who wrote the Sherlock Holmes stories, helped to raise money by writing a story about the town and the bridge. 

The story is now on display in Selkirk, with a painting of the bridge which was built.


Parents told to feed babies on peanut

It has become more common for people to be very ill if they eat peanuts. Around one in 50 children in the UK and US are affected, and numbers have doubled in the last 10 years.

Peanut allergy is very serious and can kill people quickly, even if they only eat a tiny bit. Now scientists say the best way to stop peanut allergy is for babies to eat the nuts from four months old. 

Doctors at a children's hospital in London have been experimenting with babies at high risk of peanut allergy. They gave peanuts to some and not to others. By the age of five, only 1 per cent of the children who had eaten the nuts were allergic to them, compared with 17 per cent of those who had not eaten them. 

Now parents are being told to give their babies foods containing peanuts from an early age. 


War leader's blood for sale

Winston Churchill, who led the UK during World War II, is still very well known and popular. Now a tube of his blood is going to be sold.

Churchill died 50 years ago. The blood sample was taken in hospital in 1962 when he had a broken bone. A student nurse asked if she could keep the tube of blood, when she saw his name on it. It was about to be thrown away.

The man who is selling the blood says somebody might pay thousands of pounds for it.

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