This week's UK news: 6 March 2015
6 March 2015

Madonna falls off stage

The BRIT Awards are the UK's big music awards. The show goes on TV every year, with performances by the winning artists and other famous names. The star of the show this year was Madonna, who was performing a new song with lots of dancers and a big cloak.

Madonna is good at getting attention, so when she fell off stage people at first thought it was planned. It turned out that one of her dancers was supposed to pull Madonna's cloak off. But the cloak was still tied up and Madonna was pulled off the stage.

The singer carried on with her performance, and the fall was shown on national news. Madonna has said she was not badly hurt.


New Queen on coins

We have had the same Queen for more than 60 years and a picture of her head appears on all our money. The way she looks has changed in that time, and the coins have too. This week we saw the new portrait which will appear on coins from this summer.

It is the fifth different picture of the Queen to appear on our coins. She is wearing the crown she wore when she was crowned in 1952. The artist, Jody Clark, says he wanted to make her look "less stern". 


James Bond's favourite car designed for women

Most people only see Aston Martin cars when James Bond is driving them. Now the company has announced that it will start building cars which appeal to women. The boss of Aston Martin says women's opinions are very important when new cars are bought.

He said the company would not "pink it and shrink it" which is what sometimes happens when cars are designed for women. Car experts think Aston Martin will instead look at making cars safer and cheaper to drive.


We only cook nine meals

Most British families own six cookbooks, but cook the same nine meals regularly, says research. People in Scotland were the most adventurous cooks. Lots of people said they wanted to cook new recipes but found it hard to find some of the ingredients they needed.

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