This week's UK news: 7 August 2015
7 August 2015

Fans queue to see Shakespeare play

Benedict Cumberbatch is one of the UK's most famous actors. He played Sherlock Holmes in a TV series that sold around the world, was Smaug in The Hobbit, and has also been in Star Trek and The Imitation Game. He has very devoted fans.

As of this week, he is performing on the stage in London in a new production of the Shakespeare play Hamlet. Most of the tickets sold out last August, and just a few are available on the door each night. On the opening night some Cumberbatch fans queued in the street for 17 hours to get tickets, and there have been queues since.

London hosts huge cycling event

25,000 cyclists tackled a 100 mile course through London and into the countryside this weekend, as part of the RideLondon festival. The event began the year after the London Olympics and attracted around 100,000 riders over two days this year.

On Saturday around 70,000 people cycled round London's streets, followed by a more serious race on the Sunday. The race is now so popular that more than 86,000 asked for one of the 25,000 places.

Want a cup of tea? 

You might think we in the UK drink tea all the time. That might not be true any more. Sales of the national drink have fallen by six per cent in the last five years as coffee becomes more popular. 

We are drinking more fruit and herbal tea, but less ordinary tea. We sometimes call this kind of tea "builder's" because it is what workmen drink. We buy this kind of tea in boxes of teabags, which are little bags of tea which we put in mugs or teapots and then add boiling water. 

Sales of teabags were worth GBP 425m last year.

How do horses feel?

Scientists at Sussex University in the UK have been looking at the faces of horses. They have found 17 different expressions, which may mean different things. 

Humans have 27 different expressions, dogs have 16 and chimpanzees have 14. The research team will now try to find out if the way the horses look relates to the way they feel.


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