Visa update: Tier 4 rule changes
17 August 2015

The Home Office has published new sponsor guidance following changes to Tier 4 of the immigration rules announced on Monday 13 July.

Students applying to study at publicly funded institutions will no longer have the right to work. Current students will not be affected until they need to apply for a new visa.

The amount of leave that students receive at the start of their visa has also changed. Students will now get either seven days or one month, with the later date being used. Additionally, the way the study limits are calculated has changed. The time allocated to students at the start and end of the course now count towards the maximum studying time allowed.

The definition of Academic Progress will be tightened to apply to courses that are at a higher level than the previous course. Exceptions will apply to courses at universities and for students who are moving to a new sponsor to complete a course started at a sponsor that has had its licence revoked.

Only independent schools will be allowed to issue Tier 4 (Child) CASs, and for courses up to A levels. Private language schools will lose their Tier 4 (Child) CAS allocation and will no longer appear on the Register of Sponsors in the Tier 4 (Child) category.

The Home Office has also reviewed the guidance around supplementary study. Supplementary studies can from now on be undertaken at any time during the validity of the student visa.

If you have any questions, please contact Public Affairs, Policy & Research Manager Naadiya Rawat.

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