This week's UK news: 22 January 2010
22 January 2010

Running helps you learn

Scientists have found that running helps the brain to grow new cells.

The team at Cambridge University found the new brain cells grow in a place which is important for memory.

The result is that people can remember better and so can learn more efficiently. The research could also help older people to keep their brains working well.

British sweets bought by America

The company which makes the UK’s favourite sweets and chocolates has been bought by the giant American company, Kraft.

Students in Britain will probably have eaten KitKat chocolate wafer bars and Galaxy chocolate, made by Cadbury. Another famous Cadbury product is the Crème Egg, a small chocolate egg filled with very sweet sticky liquid. Children love the Curly Wurly, which is a long curvy toffee covered in milk chocolate.

The sale of Cadbury will mean that many jobs are lost. Lots of people are also wondering whether their favourite sweets will disappear as well.

See Britain’s most beautiful places – wherever you are

Google’s Street View service now includes 20 special places owned by a charity called The National Trust. 

The Google camera was put on a special cycle to take the off-road photographs of castles, abbeys and other special places. Try searching for Stonehenge or Fountains Abbey on Google Maps and then use the Street View icon to have a look around.

Manchester’s surprising football matches

Manchester City beat Manchester United this week. The two teams meet again in the Carling Cup next week, but the 2-1 City victory was a big surprise for many people.

City has spent a lot of money on top-class players recently. For many years United seemed unbeatable, but has had two surprising defeats this year and is not currently at the top of the Premier league. However, many football experts think City will beat United in the second leg of the match next week.


by Susan Young


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