This week's UK news: 29 January 2010
29 January 2010

How to dress in a supermarket

Lots of people in Britain have been laughing about one news story this week. A Tesco supermarket in Wales has banned people from shopping there in their nightclothes.

A sign in the Cardiff store says shoppers must be properly dressed and not have bare feet. The sign says that nightwear (which includes pyjamas, nightdresses and dressing gowns) is not suitable. Tesco says the new rule is to stop customers being embarrassed.

Some Tesco customers are angry. They say that they don’t have time to get dressed while they are getting their children ready for school and they do not see why they can’t wear their pyjamas.

Car trouble

Another story that has made lots of people laugh is about a van driver in Scotland.

The man, called Michael Mancini, was caught in a traffic jam. He put on the handbrake and got a handkerchief to wipe his nose. A policeman saw him and has accused Mr Mancini of not being in control of the van.

He ordered Mr Mancini to pay a £60 fine. Mr Mancini is so angry that he is insisting that the case goes to court. He says the van was parked safely and it would have been more dangerous if he had not wiped his nose.

Some newspapers say that the same policeman once ordered someone to pay a fine for dropping litter because money accidentally fell out of their pocket when they left a shop.

The End of the Recession

There has been some good news about the British economy this week. Britain officially came out of recession this week after a year and a half.

Unemployment has been falling for the past two months as well.

Nice surprise for old couple

A big blue vase owned by an old couple for 50 years is worth £500,000, they found out this week.

The pair used the big blue vase to keep umbrellas in for years. Then they put it in a spare room because they didn’t like it much. The vase got slightly broken.

They then wanted to sell some of their things – and an expert saw the vase. He was amazed.  The vase is Chinese and more than 200 years old. It was probably made for a Chinese emperor and may also have belonged to Florence Nightingale, a famous nurse from British history.


by Susan Young


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