This week's UK news: 9 November 2015
9 November 2015

Valuable pottery collection found in UK home

When Alan and Pat Firth died, what was in their house shocked art experts. They had collected modern ceramics (such as pots and vases), often buying them from the artist. They often used to lend their collection to museums for exhibitions. 

An expert who was asked to clear the house out for the family said going in was like "opening Tutenkhamun's tomb." Jason Wood said their collection of one artist's work was better than the Victoria and Albert Museum's. But he also said it was lucky to survive, as the couple had two cats, and the pottery was piled up on on other things. The collection was sold for almost GBP1m.


Margaret Thatcher's handbag may go in museum

Margaret Thatcher is famous for being the UK's first (and so far, only) woman prime minister. London's Victoria and Albert Museum is now discussing with her family whether they could put her handbags and dresses on display.

Mrs Thatcher used her clothes to create an image, and her handbags were famous: other politicians used to joke that she had "handbagged" them if they had an argument. 


Last episode of Downton Abbey

One of the most popular programmes in recent years in the UK and other parts of the world has been Downton Abbey. This drama was about a family living in a grand house over a hundred years ago, and about the people who worked for them. The last episode of the last series was shown in the UK this week - but there is talk that a film may be made. However, Dame Maggie Smith, who plays the grumpy dowager countess, has said she would not want to be in a film. However, Downton's writer says he "can't imagine" a film without the actress, and says he hopes she would be involved. 


This week's UK news: 9 November 2015

In the UK in the 1970s, teenage girls liked to read Jackie magazine. It had a problem page, with boyfriend problems answered by "Cathy and Claire", comic-style stories posed by models, lots of advice on make-up and how to make clothes more fashionable, and lots of posters and information about pop stars like Donny Osmond. Jackie sold 600,000 copes every week at its most popular, but closed in the 1980s.

Now Jackie is coming back - as a musical. It has already run for two weeks in Scotland, which was such a big hit with the audience that it will tour all round the UK next year. 

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