Travel, culture, history and quality education: a student interview
11 November 2015

Carlos Javier Bolaños Coral is 28 years old and comes from Bogota in Colombia. He is a lawyer, and currently between doing his Master's and a PhD. He is studying General English at English UK member Celtic English Academy in Cardiff, Wales.

Why did you want to study English?

I've just done a two-year Master's course in law in Madrid, after working as a lawyer for two years after leaving university. I am going to apply to do a PhD there, but do it as as a distance course when I go back to Colombia. I need to improve my English for the PhD, so I have access to the information I need. I am here from September till March.

Why did you want to study English in the UK?

There were two reasons I came to the UK. One is because I liked the location - it's very easy for travel around Europe and the UK. There is the culture and history, and the UK is the best place to study English and meanwhile enjoy other things.

More, I think there's the reputation and quality of the language education.

What made you choose Celtic English Academy?

It's nice. Wales isn't a popular country to study English so I think I wouldn't find a lot of South American people, and people who speak Spanish.

So I think if you really want to improve, studying English in Wales is one of the best options.

Do you like it?

I am enjoying myself here. I've been happy here. I think the UK is a special place. It's a lovely country. You can do a lot of interesting things while you are studying English. UK people are all friendly and ready always to help you if you need something.

I like travelling and the location of the UK means you can travel around Europe and the UK, lots of countries.

Has anything surprised you here?

What surprised me was the kindness of the UK people. I was in a homestay for the first three months with a family, and I liked that.

What will your English help you to do?

In the short term my PhD. I have long-term family aspirations.

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