This week's UK news: 21 December 2015
21 December 2015

Oldest part of UK Parliament to be restored

Westminster Hall, the oldest part of London's House of Commons building, will be restored next year. The building, which dates from 1097, has survived fires and war, but needs to have around GBP 12.5m spent on it. The building has the largest wooden "hammer-beam" roof in Europe which will be restored, and the stonework will also have work done to it. 

The rest of the building also needs a major restoration. 


UK puts its first official astronaut in space

Major Tim Peake joined the International Space Station last week as the UK's first officially-funded astronaut (though more than 20 years after Helen Sharman, our first astronaut, spent a few days in space).

There was lots of interest in Major Peake's journey to the Space Station and his first days there, including his first walk in space. He will stay on the space station until June. 


Warmest December for 20 years

It is nearly Christmas and we in the UK are sending lots of cards to each others with snowy scenes on - but in most of the country, the weather is lots warmer than usual. Parts of the country have been hotter than Athens in Greece or Lisbon in Portugal. We have also had some of the highest night time temperatures ever for December.

Spring flowers have been blooming weeks early too. Weather forecasters expect it to be stormy for Christmas, not snowy.


Chelsea FC loses manager

Jose Mourinho left Chelsea football club last week after a bad season. When he was dismissed from the club, the team was only just above the relegation zone where a team is at risk of dropping from the Premier Division to the Championship. They have gone from champions at the end of the last season, to losing nine out of sixteen games so far since August.

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