Winners of our English is GREAT: Speak to the World competition
25 December 2015

Happy Christmas everyone!

We are thrilled to announce the five winners of our English is GREAT: Speak to the World competition. This is a campaign we've been running in Brazil to promote studying English in the UK. For this competition element of our multi-strand campaign, entrants were asked to create a one-minute video blog (vlog) explaining, in English,  what English means to them; and the top five vlogs have won a fully funded two-week scholarship to study English in the UK. 

Click the links below to watch the five winning entries on YouTube:

We received thousands of vlogs and we were really impressed by the quality of the submitted materials.  We really hope that even if you haven't won a scholarship in this contest, you will continue to dedicate time to studying English and will enjoy the benefits of speaking and understanding this beautiful global language. 

Follow our English is GREAT:Speak to the World facebook and instagram feeds to find out more about the experiences of the five winners as they discover what it is like to study, and live, in the UK. 

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