English UK Student Interview: Burcu Copur
28 December 2015

Burcu Copur is a 24-year-old TV presenter from Istanbul in Turkey. She studied general English for seven months at English UK member Celtic English Academy in Cardiff, Wales.

Why did you want to improve your English?

I need to perfect my English for my job. If you want a good job you must know English because everything changes. If you work for an international company you must learn English speaking and grammar. You have more choice.

You're a TV presenter?

Yes - I started three years ago. I am a TV presenter on football programmes. Normally women don't like football but that's my job. And Turkish media is changing, if I work for an international company I need English speaking and grammar.

What made you choose to study in Cardiff?

Four years ago I went to Bournemouth. This time I wanted to try somewhere else because Bournemouth has lots of Turkish students and I got the idea about Cardiff from my agent. He said it was very good for English and cheaper - it was a very good idea.

Do you like Cardiff and your school?

I like Cardiff and am enjoying myself here. It's not too small; you can do everything here, social life especially. And there are not too many Turkish students.

I like Celtic because it's good for General English. I like my teachers and am learning everything here. At school I communicate with everybody. I like my teachers especially because I can speak always with them. And I am living with a host family, and I can always speak to them, like my mum.

What do you hope improving your English will do for you?

If I can speak and write really well maybe I will have more choice of job. You have to speak very well for international companies. Maybe I'll be on television here!

Would you recommend learning English in Cardiff to your friends?

Yes of course.


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