This week's UK news: 9 February 2016
9 February 2016

Friends star joins Top Gear, film crew blow up London bus, a 40-year-old murder makes news headlines and could Leicester City win the Premier League?

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New hosts for Top Gear

The driving TV show Top Gear is being made with an entirely new team, led by presenter Chris Evans. The second new presenter was named last week: it's Matt LeBlanc, best-known for playing Joey Trebbiani in Friends.

Friends is worth GBP 50 every year to the UK broadcaster which makes it, the BBC. In the past the show has been sold all over the world. 

LeBlanc has already been on Top Gear. He has been the guest on part of the show, called Star in a Reasonably Priced Car, twice. He holds the record for driving the fastest lap round a test road in an ordinary car. He says: "I love the show. It should be fun."


40 year old mystery makes the news

In 1974, a murder was on the front pages. Sandra Rivett, a young woman who looked after the children of a rich family had been hit over the head in the basement of their house. The children's mother was badly injured. The father - a man called Lord Lucan - was suspected of the murder.

He disappeared from the family house in London that night and after calling his mother to say he was staying out of the way for a few days, was never seen again. His bloodstained car was found at a port. At the time of the murders, Lucan had lots of problems, and owed lots of money from gambling.

A legal hearing into the death of Sandra Rivett decided she had been murdered by Lucan. Most people think Lucan thought Mrs Rivett was his wife. There have been many theories about what happened to Lucan in the last 40 years, including that he killed himself and was fed to tigers at a private zoo. 

Lord Lucan was declared dead in 1999, but it was not until this year that another court ruling allowed his son, George, to take over the family title. He now becomes the 8th Earl of Lucan. 


Premier League having unusual season

Leicester City has been the surprise team in this season's football Premier League. Leicester came into the Premier League from the Championship at the start of the season - and has amazed everyone since, especially when player Jamie Vardy scored a goal in the first 11 matches of the season.

They have been top of the Premiership for a lot of the season and are currently in second place. At the weekend they beat Manchester City 3-1. Manager Claudio Ranieri says his team are making other teams nervous. 


Exploding bus nothing to worry about

When a bus exploded on Lambeth Bridge in London at the weekend lots of people were worried that something bad had happened. 

But the explosion was a stunt for a new Hollywood film. The film is called The Foreigner and stars Pierce Brosnan and Jackie Chan.

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