This week's UK news: 18 August 2016
18 August 2016

25 year old becomes UK's third richest person

Until last week Hugh Grosvenor was a young man with a job (but was godfather to Prince George). Then his father died - and now he is the third richest person in the UK.

Hugh Grosvenor has inherited around GBP8.3bn, some of the most expensive buildings in London, and the title of the Duke of Westminster. The family owns the Grosvenor Estate in London, which covers some of the most expensive areas of London including Westminster and Mayfair.

The new Duke is worth so much because his family passes on most of its riches to the oldest son. He has two older sisters who might otherwise have had the title and the money.

TV presenter does show in his underwear

Gary Lineker is a former footballer who played for Leicester City. These days he is retired, and presents the UK's main football TV show, called Match Of The Day. 

When Leicester City started doing really well in the Premier League last season, Lineker promised to present Match Of The Day i his underpants if they won the title. They did - and this week Lineker kept his promise, wearing a pair of Leicester City boxer shorts for the first part of the show.

Dogs help themselves, not their owners

In the UK, there is a saying that dogs are "man's best friend". But scientists have studied family dogs to find out if this is true. They did this by hiding things that humans like (a notebook) and things that dogs like (a toy), and seeing if the dog helped the human find the notebook more than the toy. They found that the dogs sometimes helped their owners but were more likely to help themselves, helping the human find the toy more times.

Amazing wins for the UK Olympic team

The Olympics in Rio is getting lots of attention here because Team GB is second in the medal table, only behind the USA. Athletes are doing even better than they did during the London Olympics, which has surprised lots of people.

Among the stars of the event are Mo Farrer, who won gold in the 10,000 metres for the second time, and Andy Murray who did the same in tennis, as well as members of the rowing, cycling, swimming, diving and gymnastics teams.

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