This week's UK news: 30 October 2016
30 October 2016

New Planet Earth TV series

Planet Earth, a series showing how animals live around the world, has been shown in 130 different countries. It is the most-watched event on cable TV in the United States.

Planet Earth was made by the UK's public service broadcaster, the BBC. It is fronted by our veteran presenter, Sir David Attenborough, and includes incredible film of the planet's wildlife.

11 years later, Planet Earth 2 has been filmed. The film-makers have used lots of unusual techniques to get amazing films of animals and birds in the wild. Music has been specially written by the composer whose other soundtracks include The Lion King and Batman.

The UK's oldest hotel burns down

The Royal Clarence is officially the UK's oldest hotel. In 1769 its French landlord described it as a hotel. Until then people stayed in inns - pubs with rooms - when they travelled round the country. 

The hotel is in a row of old buildings close to Exeter Cathedral. Guests have included film star Clark Gable and Lord Nelson (the one who's on the column in Trafalgar Square).

But on Friday the Royal Clarence caught fire. The fire service worked to put out the flames and save the hotel, using so much water that local people were given bottled water to drink. But the building was very badly damaged, despite the work to save it. None of the people staying in the hotel were hurt.

Great British Bake Off finds a winner

This baking competition is the most-watched show in the UK. It is filmed months in advance, during the early summer, in a large and decorated tent in the countryside.

The final show in this series was on TV this week, and a teacher called Candice Brown won the title. She became famous for her brightly coloured lipstick. She said it was very difficult to keep the series a secret from her workmates when they asked what she had been doing at the weekend, and she had to keep her prize locked in a cupboard.

The show will not appear in this format again, as it has been sold to a rival TV channel. Three of its current four regular presenters will not be on the Bake Off in future.

Venus loses a thumb

A Roman statue in the British Museum in London was accidentally damaged by someone organising food for a party.

The statue of Venus, which is more than 2,000 years old, is made of marble and is in one of the museum's rooms. The room was being used for a business party. A member of the party staff bent over under the statue and broke off its thumb when they stood up. The statue was repaired immediately. 



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