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13 February 2017

What a famous romantic hero would really have looked like

Have you ever heard of Mr Darcy? He is one of English fiction's most romantic heroes. He was created by novelist Jane Austen 200 years ago in her book Pride and Prejudice, which has now been turned into several TV series and films.

In the UK, the most famous Mr Darcy was played by actor Colin Firth in a TV series. Colin Firth became a big star after one scene where he came out of a lake with his shirt all wet and stuck to his body.

But experts have been researching what Mr Darcy would really have looked like. They have found out that people had a different idea of what a good-looking man was like 200 years ago. They had revealed the first "historically accurate" portrait of him.

The real Mr Darcy would have had narrow, sloping shoulders and a small chest. The only part of his body with big muscles would have been his legs. He would have had a long face, a small mouth, a long nose, thin lips and pointy chin and very pale skin. His hair would have been quite long, pulled into a ponytail, and covered in white powder.

First-born children do better in education

New research shows that first-born children do better at school because they get more attention from their parents. Information from thousands of parents during the last decade shows that parents spend the most time developing the thinking skills of their oldest child.

Researchers at Edinburgh University found parents spend less time reading, doing crafts or playing musical instruments with their younger children. First-born children are often a year ahead of younger brothers or sisters at the same stage of school. The differences show up as early as the age of one.

The oldest child in a family usually has a better education and higher wages. Younger brothers and sisters often think they are not as clever. Older sisters are more likely to be overweight, and having more older brothers increases boys' chances of being gay.

Ringing mobile phone reveals man spying on wife

A man who was desperate to know where his wife was going hid an iPhone in the engine of her car, with an app to track where she went. The couple had split up, but Kevin Gallagher wanted to know where Rachael Harvey was and what she was doing, and sent her lots of texts. He put the phone in her car, but forgot to switch the ringtone off.

Rachael Harvey and her teenage daughter were puzzled to hear ringing from the car when they went to the shops. They took the car to a garage, where workers found the phone.

Police found that Mr Gallagher was using an iPad to track the iPhone to spy on his wife. He sometimes used the information to go to places where she was.

Robots take over London's Science Museum

500 years of robots are on show at the Science Museum in London, with more than 100 on show until September.

The exhibition shows how robots have reflected what people were interested in. Some of the earliest robots were religious. There is a 16th century monk who walked, moved his lips and beat his chest, and a model of Christ on the cross which rolls its head and bleeds. Later, there were more entertaining models, like a flute player, a writer and a duck, and later a mouth. Later still, there were toy robots and the recent machines which move more like humans.

The show explains that modern robots are very different: they can communicate, provide information and entertain – and asks if we are willing for robots to look after older people and teach children. Ben Russell, who has put the exhibition together, says "We want to get people thinking."

"Lost" Bob Marley tapes saved

Bob Marley is still one of the world's best known reggae stars, decades after his death. Fans thought that all his recordings had been released by now, and there was nothing new to hear.

That means there is a lot of excitement that new tapes of Bob Marley and the Wailers concerts in Paris and London during the 1970s have been found. The band had borrowed a mobile studio from the Rolling Stones to record their concerts, but many of the tapes disappeared.

They were found in the basement of an old hotel in London, which was being cleared. One of the workers clearing the building saved the tapes which would have been thrown away and gave them to a friend who was a Bob Marley fan.

The tapes were very badly damaged but they were sent to a specialist who spent a year cleaning them up. Now they are likely to be released as new Marley music.

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